Blitz 4X4
Test Drive

After meaning to visit NCF again for some time I finally got round organizing it.

So on the 15th of February we head up to Redmires to take a look at our next project.

We had arranged to go up in Bens new Shiney Defender 130 but he was detained in slave labour and unable to attend, so it was back to plan B, jump in the Mondeo and off.

Ten o'clock was the time we planned to get there and ten o'clock was the time we arrived at the start of the driveway to the home of NCF motors, twenty past ten and we pull up at the house.  I assure my dad that we would find the exhaust on the way back.

We are greeted as we arrive and both the Blitz 4x4 and the demonstrator Blitz 2 are parked up out the front.  Over to the 4x4 we go for my first look at it in the flesh (well steel).  It looks better than I had Imagined with a very aggressive stance, a totally different beast to the previous Blitz's butstill defiantly a Blitz.

NCFs demo 4x4 is Based on a Mk2 Suzuki SJ410.  A turn of the key and I expect the beast to hesitate then roar into life, but no the engine turns once, fires then purrs quietly and smoothly.  This is British ingenuity and Japanese engineering blended to perfection. 

I jump in the passenger seat with Nick at the helm.  The recent rain has left the ground very boggy but nothing stands in the way of this animal.  Even with the one litre engine it pulls its way out of deep mud round the first bend and straight up a ten foot 45 degree climb without need for a run up.

It negotiates the rest of the test track with equal ease and it hardly seams challenged.  We drive back up the road and I swap places for the drivers seat.  Chris Brown now takes the passenger seat.   Knowing my track record, Chris seams visibly distressed at the thought of me driving him at high speed.  Rightly so, I get through the deep mud, around the corner onto the slope half way up, and stuck. Foot on the clutch and of the brakes and we roll safely to the bottom for another attempt.  Reversing a bit more and with a bit more speed we glide up the hill over the crest and down the equally steep descent.  Over another small, but equally as steep hill, over the boggy ground and back up to the house.

Even more impressed and eager to get a Blitz 4x4 out of the BNE virtual garage and into my real one I ask to have a look at a production frame.

We go into the workshop were there are to Blitz 2's waiting to be delivered to there lucky new owners and a single 4x4.

The production frame varies in a few ways from the demonstrator. The front of the frame is detachable from the main frame.  This is to improve access to the engine compartment.  The support bars for the rollover hoop now continue down to the floor this is to comply with MSA motorsport regulations.

The frames construction is of immensely strong CHS steel and box section, and bolts or welds straight on to the chassis.  There have been builders who have mentioned that it doesn't fit certain chassis such as the Mk1, but the strength of the frame itself means that as long as the roll bar mounts reach the chassis the rest of the frame is adequately supported.  A few gaps are left between mounts but these were to support the original Suzuki floor and are not really needed. They could be filled if you decided it necessary, but the MSA scrutineers decided it was OK so that's enough for me! 

It seems that this new Blitz is quite a versatile off-roader and suitable for most kinds of off-road motorsport.  Apparently there is a  4 wheel steering version built by Ray of

So its time to start counting the pennies and work out how we can afford one.

I would like to thank NCF motors for letting us try the Blitz 4x4.

Philip Tonkin.

My Next Project

This is NCF's.  Contact them if you want one at only 995 + VAT for everything you need seems like a bargain.  No SVA is needed as the chassis is retained from the donor, so no orible Q plate.

This is what mine will look like....sort of!  The frame will be red with the side panels and bonnet left with their Galvanized finish.  Based on a Galvanized Suzuki SJ410 chassis with possibly a Suzuki Vitara 1.6 engine, or maybe a V6 and Suzuki Vitara axles. Mmm.  Hopefully if they are available, Tractor Tread low pressure floatation tyres in 15", I'm sure there will be a dumper out there with 15" wheels.  Also Magnum Composite Racing Seats as fitted to my Blitz 2 and Willians 3" harnesses.

It will be used as a purely off road vehicle.  I can't afford 3rd party insurance on a second vehicle, not at my age and with my track record.  I will also make a great pace car for Blitz Racing North events.

The Blitz 4x4 Retains all the original parts from the SJ but I'm not a big fan of the standard dash, functional as it is, So I think a fabricated Alloy dash may be called for.  Lara Croft Landy Style.

Reading the December issue of Kit-Car I discover that for racing the Blitz 4x4 frame must be welded to the chassis for RAC homologation.  So the New plan is not to galvanize the chassis, but weld the frame to the chassis then, after modification to the suspension to take coilovers and an A-frame galvanize the whole lot in one dip.  A lot cheaper than you would think.

Rather than an A frame I am going to make my own swing arms and use a Panhard Rod to keep the axles from moving sideways.

BlitzNorthEast an arrange the galvanizing of all frames, e-mail us for more info

Also a Vauxhall 1.8 engine and gearbox or a Ford Pinto engine with a type 9 gearbox or ever a Rover V8 with an R380 Gear box may be a alternative to the Vitara V6.  But now after test driving the 4x4 with a standard 410 engine I may stick with the standard engine for a while.

Modified Suzuki SJ413 with 1.6l power.

Suzuki SJ410 & SJ413

The Suzuki SJ is a design more than 50 years old.  The Jimny was a design that Suzuki's designers liked so much the company bought, not only the design but its owners.  And thus the LJ10 was born.  This developed into the SJ then to the Santana, which was essentially the same just manufactured in Spain.  The design was discontinued in the mid 90's but has since been reborn as an entirely new vehicle but once again named JIMNY.  Redesigned around a similar looking body but has modern road going features such as airbags, power steering, coil spring suspension and clean fuel injected engines.  Its design has already be proven as a competent of road vehicle just as its predecessor had.  Hopefully the bodywork will be more durable and corrosion resistant than its ancestors.

This is one of the reasons the Blitz 4X4 is such a good Idea the one thing that lets down the SJ is its terrible rusting bodywork, second only to the Mini and Metro.  So it seems a great Idea to unbolt the body, chuck it away and Fit a Blitz Frame onto the chassis.

  Standard Jimny Off-Road

 Suzuki Jimny competing in Swedish competition.

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