Blitz 4X4

These pictures from the Cleveland Kit Cars and Specials Club.
This picture from

NCF has a history of manufacturing 4x4 vehicles with the Diamond (Granada Based) and Terino (Panda 4X4 Based).

After some research I have now found that there were 3 models of NCF Diamond based on the Granada.  

The Mk1 is a more rounded shape, and as one kit car magazine described it. "An Austin Allegro crossed with a fridge"

The MK2 is a longer much squarer design, but with it looks more modern, and is probably those pictured above.

The Mk3, as I am led to believe, is very similar in design but approximately the same length as the Mk1.  I am told this is due to the cost of a single sheet of aluminium, that was used to produce the roof.

Most are 2wd but there are some 4x4.  There are less of these due to the cost and rarity of the 4x4 donor cars. These are now relatively cheap now but production of the Diamond has stopped.  It would however be possible to re-build a Diamond and make it 4x4.  This would be quite cheap at it is possible to pick up a second hand NCF Diamond for less than 1000.

The demise of such kits as the Diamond is due to the shear cost of there build, Why would you build one of these (from a new kit) when it would cost you about 6000, and a good second hand Range Rover costs lest.  Sports kit cars, like the Seven inspired roadsters will remain popular as they are faster than any production car of a similar cost.