Alan Fixter

The finished Product

How it got there..

Rear Handbrake Conversion on Mini front hubs including late Drums with inbuilt spacers.

FRAME MK2  Powder coated silver with red lacquer on top. 

Engine 1275cc A+, Carb: Webber twin choke.  Long Centre Branch (LCB) Exhaust Manifold.


Self adjustable gas rear.

AVO front coilovers, 

Up-rated tie bars all round.

HI-LO'S on rear.

Poly bushes all round.

1.5 Negative Camber arms, front and rear. 



Rear spaced drums 

Front 8.4" discs

Braided hoses all round. 


7inch chrome pod headlights. 

7inch chrome spots. Hella round rear lights. 

Motorbike number plate mount (centre tail/stop).

WHEELS Team Dynamic 13X6J with 175X13 YOKOHAMA A008 rear 175X13 Fulda front.

Seating Bedford Rascal recovered black in vinyl 

Electrics Blitz Part Services Custom SVA spec wiring loom to be fitted soon.  Push Button Start, Electric Fuel Pump

[thanks Alan, these are the only standard seats less than 1.5ft across at only 15" across, idea for any road going blitz. A top tip]


SVA as soon as funds allowed.

Alan Fixter.

Many thanks from BLITZNORTHEAST

Expect to see Alan's Blitz 2 take the Kit Car show seen by storm in 2002

Alan is also the Chairman of the Cleveland Kit Car Club

I have just visited Alan to take these pictures and was very impressed.