Richard Dover's Blitz 4x4

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Richards Page on SWAT West Scotland Club Page

NEW!! Blitz Scotland Richards new club for Blitz 4x4 owners.  More pictures and Blitz in action.

New Picture:

And this is how it was done.

Take one Suzuki SJ:

Take of body:

Wait for one of these (well not quite one of these as this is a Mk 1 Blitz 4x4 frame (pre homologation.)):

Plunk it on.

And see how it all fits.

Do any fabrication required for lights and seats.

Take to bits again and powder coat.


Yes that is a beer keg! But is is not used for beer, that was the petrol tank! This has now been changed for a jerry can.

Then Reassemble:

And you have a Blitz 4x4

Since then a 1.5 inch lift kit, polyurethane bushes, poly t/f box bushes, rear disc conversion, Webber carburettor and Janspeed exhaust have been added. Plus exhaust snorkel about to go on. 

After competing in 3 RTV's, Richard came last in the first one (my first ever) and won the next 2!

To see the cost breakdown and schedule view this Excel Spreadsheet

Latest Pics!