JULY 21st 2002


Details for Blitz North East off road event Sunday 21st July 2002

Car regulations;

  1. Each car must be able to lock all wheels on grass.
  2. Each car must have seat belts (as this is supposed to be cheep they don’t need to be FIA spec. etc.).
  3. Each competitor must wear Kite marked helmets.
  4. Fire extinguishers will be provided for but any used will be needed paying for.
  5. Cars must have reasonable exhausts and no straight throughs.

Time trial event;

  1. For each marker crossed or hit a time penalty of 5 seconds will be added.
  2. Each competitor has 3 attempts at the time trial stage and the best time is taken through.
  3. Cars can be used by more than 1 competitor.

Off road event;

  1. The winner is the competitor with the lowest number of points.
  2. Points are given when a marker is hit or not reached, 2 point per marker hit, 2 points per pair of markers not reached.
  3. A pair of markers are crossed when the hub of the wheel has crossed through.
  4. Each competitor is allowed 1 ‘shunt’ per section but it must be called before.
  5. A stage is incomplete when forward momentum stops (except in case of rule 4).
  6. Cars can be used by more than 1 competitor.



From A1

1.       Take A69 from Newcastle to Hexham.

2.       After Hexham take first right A6079 to Chollerford.

3.       Turn left at Chollerford for B6318 to Bellingham.

4.       Turn left after the bridge near Bellingham, toward Kielder.

5.       Turn right at Lanehead toward Greenhaugh.

6.       Greenhaugh is only 1 mile from Lanehead.

7.       Greenhaugh Farm is right on the roadside at the left hand side in the village (opposite the car park).

8.       The total distance from Newcastle to Greenhaugh is about 40 miles.

From M6

1.       Exit at junction 43, A69 toward Hexham.

2.       Follow A69 until A6079 toward Chollerford.

3.       Then follow route from bullet point 3 (Chollerford to Bellingham).



Anyone wishing to take part in this event should e-mail Neil at to give and receive direct contact details and any additional information regarding the event.