We welcome Owners and Enthusiasts of all varieties of Blitz, be it Fiat, Mini or Suzuki based.  Those just interested in finding out or fans of the donor vehicles are also welcome.

Members will be kept in contact by e-mail to keep costs down.  

Those without e-mail can be kept informed of events by post.  This will require that the member provides a number of stamped, self addressed envelopes.

There will be the minimum of a quarterly newsletter.  This will be sent as a WORD attachment by e-mail or by post.  

Members will receive a Membership card which will entitle them to a discount from some parts suppliers.  

We hope to have our first event off-road event at the end of Feburary E-Mail me for details.

As a member help will always be on hand from other Blitz Owners whether you have a problem when building or afterwards.  It will be a good way of sharing ideas and problems.

Becoming a Member

Send an enquiry by E-mail to or Ring 07919 210 773