The BNE Blitz 1

the blitz 1 project

Above: The Blitz 1 in it's current state, and the 126 Donor.

Things to do.


Add rear harness mounting bar as fitted to BNE Blitz 2.  Move rear bulkhead.  Add side intrusion bars.  Add mudguard mounts.  Add miscellaneous brackets.  Possibly add rear crash bar to protect engine.


Strip the paint from the frame and panels, currently yellow and black.  After modifications to the frame and all welding complete galvanize  the frame the have it powder coated Red.  Leave the panels Galvanized.


The current engine is kaput! The oil has gone white and has very little power.  We have a donor 126 with very low mileage.  The car had its sump plug stripped during a service a few years ago, the sump was sent away for repair and was lost.  The car had sat unused until now.  It may possibly be replaced with an Abarth Cast alloy sump.  I will also use a Abarth 500 sport exhaust and possibly motorbike carbs.  Don't think that we will go to the extreme of balancing the engine or having any machining done.

At the end of the day the 126 engine is very difficult and expensive to get a decent amount of power from.  There are a lot of hybrid Blitz 1's about with Mini and Metro rear subframes.  This is a tempting solution to the power problem but I will endeavor to leave the Fiat power plant were it is.

Recondition Everything

Also remove huge fuel tank and replace with small can.


The bare minimum to run, to keep lightweight.  Move battery to the front, possibly using small Golf cart style battery.

Re-Plumb in Braided hose.


Front coilover conversion

These pictures shown a conversion buy Scuderia Topolino on their Fiat 500 race car.  The Cross Member and A-Arms Replace the transverse leaf spring on the front of the car.

By Using a similar design A-Arm (Wishbone) and fabricating the mounting points on the Blitz 1 frame it will be possible to lose the lower spring.

The only draw back then will be the system is damped but un-sprung.  This will be solved buy finding a coilover shock that has the same mounting points and open length as the standard damper units.  I suspect that the AVO units designed to fit the rear of the Mini will fit.

It will then just require a little calculation and trial and error to find the correct spring rate.

Disk Brakes

If anyone knows of a cost effective way of converting a 126 to disk brakes all around please let me know.  Rear handbrake is no longer need.

Seating and Safety

Fit Magnum Motorsport composite vinyl covered seat.  Fit Willians 4 point harness.  Fit fire extinguisher.  Fit kill switch.