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The new Traka from NCF is a 4 seater vehicle based on a Range Rover chassis.  Which has a 100" wheelbase, which is widely renowned  for being the perfect length for an off road racer.
It uses a standard length chassis with 2' removed from the rear.  It also meets MSA specification for off road racing.  It has a removable roof and doors.  It is also free from SVA testing in the same way as the Blitz 4x4 as it uses the donors chassis.
The Traka will be a perfect alternative to the other Range Rover based kits out there for those trying to get away from the usual defender copy look.
My first suggestion to anyone taking on build a Traka would be to convert the rear suspension  from A-Frame to radius arms and Panard rod from the front end as this will improve the handling at high speed although reducing articulation of the rear axle.  It depends on whether you were after a very fast off road car or a very good technical, yet low speed trialer.
The Traka is now available and will be priced at around 1395 + VAT for the basic kit.
See the Traka on the 16th of February at Donnington Park
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