The BlitzNorthEast Virtual Garage

This is the parking space for all the future BNE projects.  Currently only two spaces are filled by the BNE Blitz 2 and the far from finished Blitz 1.

Bay 1.

The Blitz 2

Bay 2.

The Blitz 4x4

Bay 3.

The Blitz 1 Racer similar in spec to Graham Prykes Blitz, but in BNE Livery

Bay 4.

The Single Seat Mini Based Blitz

Bay 5


Love to tell you, but then I would have to kill you! 

Bay 6.

Not a Blitz but along the same lines, Subaru based and from the other side of the globe, the Rhino Stalker.  But not till al the others are finished that is unless NCF release that illustrious CVH Engined Blitz 3! Or a Traka!